Ant Control

Ant Control

Time: 30-45 Minutes

  • Free 2nd visit in 15 days to ensure maximum relief

1st treatment
  • Includes spray treatment in all areas, kitchen cabinets to be emptied by customer
  • You might see more cockroaches before 2nd service

2nd Treatment
  • Includes gel application in infected areas
  • DO NOT insist on spray treatment, gel lasts for longer and eliminates complete colony - Knockdown effect: Gel is eaten by cockroach & spread to hidden roaches

Best practices
  • Keep kitchen area free of grease & slime. This will act as alternate food to the cockroach & reduce effectiveness
  • DO NOT wipe or spray any other chemical on the gel

Chemicals Used
  • Govt. approved, safe & odourless Bayer chemicals to be used (in right dosage)

Price :